Turn your social enterprise ideas into reality with this free course. Explore a tailor-made programme whenever you’re ready for it.

Why should you do this course?

Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or a person with a brilliant idea, our courses can help. This course, which is broken down into a series of bite-sized modules, can help you to start or grow your social enterprise.

Who is the course for?

This course is intended for anyone interested in starting or supporting a social enterprise. It’s a great ambition to better the world by starting an enterprise. We know that no two enterprises are the same and that setting up a social enterprise has some specific challenges, that’s why this tool is tailor-made.


What topics will you cover?


  • How to innovate and your own innovation profile
  • Theory of change
  • Prototyping
  • Understanding beneficiaries and stakeholder engagement
  • Non-monetary resources
  • Legal considerations
  • Market research, marketing and sales principles
  • Business model and planning, growth and scability
  • Impact assessment and management
  • How to pitch

What’s involved?

You can access the modules in your own time or sit down with some colleagues and work through the course together. Modules can vary in length and you’ll get out what you put in. You can dip in and out as suits. Watch the videos and use the handy assets to download and fill in.


Take a look

You want to get a taste of this course before you commit to signing up? Peak a few pages of one of our most popular modules

My impact framework – Theory of change

Trial Module

My impact framework – Theory of change

50 minutes

In this module, you reflect on how exactly you’ll achieve your desired impact. And then explore how to start to communicate it.


Need some more background on why this course was developed?

Discover why this course is fit and why it works for you! 

Who developed this course? Off course you want to know! You are a smart entrepreneur who checks the source of any information he/she dives in to.


Project Partners: DePunt, The Platform, Seinwezen, Social Innovation Factory, University of Brighton, West Sussex County Council, Nord Pas de Calais