User Guide

Need some help finding your way through My Social Start Up? You want to make sure you can make optimal use of My Social Start Up? Here you will find some guidelines.


You will find the navigation menu on the left hand. You can go to different pages via the tabs ‘Modules’, ‘Profile’, ‘Guide’, ‘Contact’ and ‘Logout’.

The Modules page

On this page you will find an overview of the modules. If you completed the questionnaire you will see the 5 suggested modules based on your development stage and knowledge of social entrepreneurship. Below these suggested modules you will find the other 11 modules. If didn’t complete the questionnaire you will find all 16 modules listed. You can go back and forth to this modules overview by clicking on ‘Modules’ on the navigation panel.

You can easily follow up on your progress with the modules on the modules overview page. On the top right you will find stars indicating how much of the modules you have worked through. At the level of each module you will see a status bar on each module. The status bar indicates which modules you have started and how much of the module you have completed so far.

By clicking on amodule you access the introduction of the module.

At the top right hand you will find 3 white blocks. They indicate

  • how much time you will approximately need to complete the module,
  • how many units or chapters there are in the module
  • and a short cut to download all worksheets for this module from the start.

You will find a short introduction to the subject of the module.

You will read about the module’s link with the innovation process.

You will discover the learning aims and learning outcomes to be expected from the module.

At the bottom you find an overview of the units in this module. Each unit indicates the learning style involved.

You can click to enter any unit. To go back to the overview of the modules, click on the Modules tab on the left hand navigation menu.

When entering a unit, you will find all the content of the unit on one page.

You will see text to read through, examples and videos. This theory is completed by action. Use the thinking exercises along the way to think about your own social enterprise and to reflect upon how you could implement the concepts and ideas within your own business start-up process.


Thinking Exercise

When you see this block, take some time to think and reflect on how it applies to your social enterprise.  Write down some ideas as you go along.

When you see the block below, have a go at the practical activity. This activity is also summarised in a Work Sheet at the end of the module. The download includes all the exercises of the module. So with one download you will have all the exercises at hand.


Worksheets all modules combined

PDF file (1 mb)

Download PDF


At the top of a unit page you can skip back and forwards to other units using the arrows. At the bottom of a unit page you can do the same and you can go back to the introductory page with overview of all the units.




Profile page

Here you can manage your profile by changing email address, password, organisation type and country.

User guide page

You are now on the User guide page to find information how to navigate and use My Social Start Up.

Contact page

If ever you experience any technical problems or have a question for one of the partners who created the website, you can leave a note via the contact form.