You have found the perfect spot to learn about social enterprises and social entrepreneurship. On this learning platform you will find practical information, tools and templates, examples, videos and references to get started with.


Social entrepreneurship is booming. The concept is spreading, practices evolve and emerge day by day. It is a very innovative sector by definition. The double goal of achieving societal impact while generation economic revenues is a huge ambition. In order to reach both impact and economic goals social entrepreneurs need to think and act innovatively. My Social Start Up is on online e-learning tool that wants to reach out to those brave enough for this endeavour.

What’s in it for who?

My Social Start Up is relevant for social entrepreneurs at different stages of development but focused on prestarter and start ups. The platform provides interesting insights and references that can also serve to inspire and inform social enterprise support organisations and government.

My Social Start Up is made up of 16 different modules on topics that are important and relevant for social entrepreneurs. Topics include for example Impact assessment, Business modelling, Stakeholder engagement, Financing and income …

Different modules for different development stages

Some modules are interesting for each social entrepreneur, wether he/she is a prestarter or starter. These include the modules on Innovation, Pitching, Legal considerations or Funding mix and income.

Some modules are particularly interesting for prestarters who need to define the basics for their social enterprise. Have a look at Impact model (or theory of change), Beneficiaries (and customers), Prototyping or Stakeholder management to get started.

Another set of modules is most relevant when you embark the concept development phase of your social enterprise. You will need to draft your social enterprise model in a structured way. Modules on Business modelling and business planning, Impact assessment, Market research, Funding mix and income or Non-monetary resources will come in handy.

Once you have decided to start up social enterprise another set of modules will offer guidance. The modules on Marketing and Sales, Impact management and Legal considerations are a ‘must’ to make sure you are ready for start up. Maybe you already want to think about scaling or start scaling your social enterprise? There is a module dedicated to this too!

Have a look, have a go and enjoy the social enterprise adventure!