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To celebrate the launch of, we hosted six free webinars on this e-learning platform. In a 45 minute webinar, you’ll learn the fundamentals of topics such as innovation management, business models or impact assessment. Experts from practice and academia share their insights, do’s and don’ts.

Did you miss the live broadcasts? No problem, catch up with the replays by following the links below.

  • Webinar Innovation Journey by prof. John Bessant (University of Exeter) – watch the webinar
  • Webinar Impact Framework – Theory of Change by Caroline Godts (Social Innovation Factory) –  watch the webinar
  • Webinar Impact Assessment by Tomas De Groote (Social Innovation Factory) – watch the webinar
  • Webinar Business Modelling by Caroline Godts (Social Innovatie Factory) – watch the webinar
  • Webinar Prototyping by Maxime Bouckaert (Koalect) – herbekijk het webinar
  • Webinar Stakeholder Management door Ido De Vries (University of Applied Sciences Leiden) – watch the webinar

About the experts:

John Bessant, Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Exeter University, will host the webinar on Innovation on September 16.
Originally a chemical engineer, Professor John Bessant has been active in research, teaching and consultancy in technology and innovation management for over 25 years. He currently holds the Chair in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Exeter University, UK, where he is also Research Director. He has acted as advisor to various national governments and to international bodies including the United Nations, The World Bank and the OECD.

Caroline Godts, knowledge manager at the Social Innovation will host the webinar on Impact framework – Theory of Change on September 19 and the webinar on Business Modelling on September 24.
Caroline works at the Social InnovationFactory since 2013, a social entrepreneur and innovation support organisation. As knowledge manager she follows up on themes like impact and social business models and coordinates collective training sessions. Previously Caroline worked on corporate social responsibility with private sector enterprises.

Tomas De Groote, knowledge manager at the Social Innovation Factory will host te webinar on Impact Assessment on September 20.
Since 2015 Tomas De Groote works on social impact and impact evaluation at the Social Innovation Factory. He coordinates action research on these topics and developed an online support tool, Impact Wizard, for impact evaluation. Tomas has experience as coordinator and policy advisor in the youth and arts sector.

Maxime Bouckaert, co-founder of Koalect will host the webinar on prototyping on September 25.
Maxime Bouckaert is one of the co-founders of Koalect, a Belgian company that helps social-profit organisations to have more impact through successful fundraising, crowdfunding or crowdsourcing campaigns. In the past four years Koalect’s team of 11 people helped over 90 organisations in and around Belgium to do this, reaching about 500.000 people in the process and raising over 5.000.000€ in donations for non-profits. Maxime believes startups can have a huge impact on societal issues and loves to share experiences with anyone that is driven by this as well. During the start up phase and even now prototyping helps Koalect navigate the market, respond to needs and create impact.  

Ido De Vries, lecturer on Social Entrepreneurship at the University of Applied Sciences in Leiden will host the webinar on  Stakeholder management on September 27.
Ido is lecturer and involved in the project Sustainable and Active Citizenship at the University Of Applied Sciences in Leiden, Netherlands. He is also researcher, studying the links between social entrepreneurship and sense of purpose. Previously Ido worked in the youth care sector, as a consultant and trainer of local authorities in community development.