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Generate more impact together

The visionary

As a social entrepreneur, you have a vision or dream on how society would look like if the identified problem was solved, or had never existed.

A good vision inspires people. It makes them want to help, or buy your products or services. Start with clarifying your vision in order to develop the best possible solution.

Thinking Exercise

What is your vision? Are you dreaming of an inclusive job market, where people with disabilities take up responsibilities? Are you dreaming of schools that actually offer equal opportunities for everyone?

How would you define your vision or dream?

Sometimes it starts with “Imagine what the world would look like if………”

What does your ideal world look like?

Working together for impact

Once you have done in-depth reflection on your vision and desired impact, you can communicate more clearly with others about your desired impact. Be sure to engage with others, you find further guidance on this in the  Stakeholder Engagement module.

Engage your team

You now know which changes should occur first to bring about others. Design and tailor your business activities beginning with the long term impact goal, but make sure you define short and medium term outcomes to work on.

If you have a team, activate them to reflect on the solution tree with you.

Engage beneficiaries

Do not forget to engage with your beneficiaries when developing your theory of change and your (business) activities. They have the clearest and most realistic idea of what will work. Tell them why they will benefit from working with you, in the short and longer term.

Engage partners

Often the problem you are tackling is complex and challenging. Don’t feel that you must achieve everything by yourself.  Join forces with others to work on shared goals. Look around you and partner up to contribute to your common impact targets together.

It is a good idea to develop and fine-tune your theory of change with a diversity of stakeholders.

Here is a good video on why and how to do this:

More on communication

Have a look at the ‘Pitching‘ module for general communication tips and ‘Impact Assessment’ for tips on impact communication