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Top Tips

Here are some top tips to consider when building your theory of change.

  • Develop a good understanding of all factors influencing the problem.
  • Research different resources and don’t forget to engage with the beneficiaries and other relevant stakeholders such as potential partners or clients to develop your social model and theory of change.
  • Develop an effective pitch that you can use to communicate your vision to relevant stakeholders.
  • Check your assumptions! Make it explicit how your (business) activities lead to short term outcomes and how outcomes lead to impact. Having your assumptions challenged will definitely help you to design an even more impactful solution.
  • Do you have multiple but very specific activities that each have an impact?
  • Try to break down your theory of change to the level of these activities.
  • There are limits to what you can do yourself. Have you identified ‘gaps’ to achieve the impact? Remember to look for partners to team up with!